How much does website updating cost?

You only pay when I do work for you... sound reasonable? A basic update, like adding some text and a photo to your Events page, would only cost you $16.25!

No Monthly Fees or Contracts!

• Pay on an as-needed, pay-as-you go basis.

• My rate is $65 dollars, charged at quarter hour increments.

• There are not-for-profit rates of $40 per hour for qualfied organizations....that's $10 for 15 minutes of work!

• I discuss your budget with you and work within it.

You will never be surprised by an invoice!

How does editing your website work?

  • Email (or call in) an update request that
    • explains what needs to be changed, and
    • includes any text or images needed to complete the update.

  • A time estimate is sent back and, upon your approval, the update is done right away.

  • You get a final email confirming that the update is finished.

  • An invoice is sent out on the first of the month detailing each of the updates completed (if any) for the previous month.